Short tubing joint is a common accessory in industrial pipeline connection

Short section is a common kind of fittings in industrial pipeline connection. Common threaded short joints are divided into two-head external wires, single-head external wires, flat-head external wires, and other short joints connected by flanges.

Short sections are divided into tubing and casing sections. Flanging joint in pipe fittings connection is commonly said to be used in conjunction with flange, which is set in the air of flange and then welded to the tail and steel pipe. At this time, the flange is movable as long as the flange of one specification can be connected at any time. The purpose is that the flange can be movable.

Short tubing section is a short tubing, compared with tubing, but the length is different, the other have the same. Length: 0.25m, 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, etc., used for assembly of downhole string.

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